Help! I like two guys and I think they are both interested in me?

So I know one is for sure into me but the other is iffy.

The first one, the iffy one, I met was at work and at first I notice he would sit in my direct eye line and stare at me when he left. He also asked me questions like I never seen you before, how is your day, what is your name. Now I noticed he was a generally nice fellow so I didn't pay any attention to it and for a while he became distant for a minute. After of a week of not looking at me or asking me questions I noticed him and looked over he smiled at me but I didn't smile back because I was just generally mad. He seemed sad and tried to act like nothing happen. Today I was working in the lobby and he was grabbing some stuff, I was going to act he wasn't there because I was nervous but as I was walking away he said Hey to grab my attention just to smile and wave. Like he really didn't have to do that right?

The other dude is someone I met online and he is for sure into me. We been on a date and are going to try for another one when our schedule work. The only problem is we don't talk a lot but that is cause he is shy and nervous, I am sure he is shy when we kissed he was shaking and we were in a warm place.

The problem is I get flutters for both of them and don't know what to do. I know I should focus on the guy who is for sure into me but I would feel bad if the guy who comes to my work daily does ask me out and I am already taken. Both in my opinion are very good looking and totally my type which makes it harder to get over the iffy guy.


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  • Which one do you see a future with? Witch one do you have more in common with? Which one treats you better?


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  • Go for the one who makes more money or has the better future.


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  • It has never happened to me, but I already know that it can happen to other people. Maybe keep dating both of them in order to figure out which one you like more?


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