How do I meet girls?

I'm in high school, and I really don't know how to meet girls. All the girls I hang out with, I'm to close with to date. Also I've met them through mutual friends. Any ideas on how to meet girls?


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  • I give the same advise to everyone. Get out and have fun! You end up meeting people in the places you least think hang out with friends if someone says "hey let's go bowling" or something of that nature just get out and do it. All my relationships have been chance encounters that somehow sparked into something. when you are out with guy friends don't be afraid to approach a group of girls and chat them up confidence is everything in those situations. and if your out with girl friends don't be afraid to use them as wingmen and approach girls together in a non threatening way. bottom line any chance you can be out of your house do it.


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  • Out of school hanging out with friends.


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  • "to close with to date" is a bad excuse.