What should I tell my friend who it think is in a bad situation and that the guy doesn't respect her?

My friend has been talking to this married guy for 2yrs in her defense ahe didn't know he was matried and has now gotten attached. But some of the things she tells me this guy does is kinda crazy granted i never been in yhis situation but she thinks cause he married she desrves to be treated like this. So some of the things he do is that she always goves him oral in the car and rarely gives her any and she pratically has to be and he makes her shower before he will do it he can be just getting of work and want oral, another things she said when they do get a rm he makes her go get it and only gives her less than half of what the rm cost he doesn't call her or text her to get to know her or just have a conversation only when he wants oral and maybe sex and after that he's gone she says he doesn't even sit and talk with her. I know she is hurting from this but i dont know what to tell her but leave but she says its hard and that maybe this is what she gets for getting involved with a married man and that thats the reason he treats her this way. I don't know married or not she's doing him a favor and he should respect and show is appreciation for what she does if he enjoys it. Please help!


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  • Sounds like your friend has a good case of low self-esteem and no self respect. As her friend the best you can do is live your life and not get dragged into her self inflicted stupidity. If she allows herself to be used in such a degrading manner, REPEATEDLY, by a MARRIED man, she cannot be a woman with much integrity, self love, or self respect. Good Luck.

    • She does but she still a good woman and deserves to be treated as such, but i just can't sit and watch her hurt because of the way he treats her. Idc if a person is married there is no reason for him to treat her like that.

    • She may be a good woman, but it's obvious that you want more for her than she wants for herself. Just my opinion.

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  • I am not so sure. I mean, if you say anything negative she might -erroneously- assume that you're jealous of her relationship and you want them to break up. Unfortunately, even if your intentions are good, she might think that. Has she ever asked for your help? Is she currently thinking of leaving him?


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