Guy I'm dating acting weird? What do I think?

I went on a few dates with this guy. He was such a gentleman, there was great chemistry... one night, we made out a lot and it got pretty heated. In the middle of making out I told him to stop because his hands made their way in my pants and I didn't want to go any further. After that I acted kind of weird cause I didn't want to have the sex talk yet but felt like I should have. (Eventually he just left and we pretended it didn't happen)
Day after that, we both went out of town. We texted here and there but then I didn't hear from him for days. I assumed it was because he felt weird about me telling him to stop when we were making out. However, to break the silence, he sent me a very disturbing video about a dog getting kicked.. what do I think? I know he likes animals and he knows I do too so why would he send me such an awful thing? Psycho?
People just weird?
How do I start talking to him again? He has contacted me once since but did not respond to my reply


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  • if you like him that much, talk to him about you not wanting sex yet. if he is ok with it cool. if he is not let him go. video thing is just a boy acting stupid

    • Yeah he seems very respectful always asking ME what I want to do and ensuring we don't do anything I don't want. That's why I'm confused as to why he would send such a nasty video!!

    • tell him that animal cruelty is not funny and never send you that kind of video again.

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  • Run little girl, run very fast.

    • Lol!

    • I'm serious, he sounds like a creepy, potential serial killer. At the minimum, he was using you for booty.

    • Yes my instant thought was "serial killer!"

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  • Well excuse of what I'm going to say but he doesn't deserve a good girl like you and don't ask about why he sent this because it's obviously

    • He was so nice and everyone loves him I don't understand

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    • I am! I'm not chasing him. So strange.

    • cool , have a nice night and good dreams

  • It depends. Whos the dog? Is it you who kicked him? Or is it him kicking you?

    • It was a random facebokk video! you think it's symbolic?

    • Dunno. You said he loves animals. That's one way to think of it. Why would he send it anyway?

    • Can you post the video link on the update?

  • He might feel wounded. If you still like him then talk to him honestly and clear the air


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