Girls, Does she like me or no?

So this girl from my class. She was the first person from our class I met, we had a little conversation. On the first weekend I wrote her and we were chatting 2 days, on the Sunday we were chatting until 1:30 am. The next Monday when we were getting out of class she pulled me to her and another girl, saying that its too cold in the morning (and it really was).
After I did't texted her for a few days because was busy, but when we were in the university I was glancing at her and every time she was watching at me (minimum 2 times a day).
Today I asked her to help me with one subject and arranged a meeting with her for help, she was nice to me, a lot of emoji as usually but after the arrangement she just said "ok so see you tomorrow".
I'm going to ask her out on this tomorrow meeting, but I still don't really sure if she likes me.
Forgot to mention. Yesterday she was staying pretty close to me with her friend and said something like "yesterday he made an informative attack on me" and I was actually surprised because she pretty much knew that I'm staying close and can hear it, even though I'm from another country and have some problems with language. And after it was something like "I never been so much in love before" but of course I couldn't hear the first and the last part of the frase. I didn't show that I was pissed.


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  • She likes you or thinks of you as a friend. But if she hasn't called you bro or dude you are safely not in the friend zone. She does like you though cause I wouldn't stare at my guy friend at all in class unless to make a weird face.


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