Dating an older guy, how does your family respond to it? Were they okay with it or mad?

Okay so im 19, 20 in September. And im talking to this guy who is 29. My older sister is 22 and my older brother is 24 lastly my mother is 45.

Now i know people date older people all the time but that doesn't make the situation any easier. So my questions are how is it to date someone older? How does your family respond to it?
And was it awkward?
I have yet to tell my family I'm talking to him.


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  • ok. i regularly date older men.. at least 10 to 15 yo older than me.

    The first thing to consider before you tell your parental units, is is the guy mature, is he sincere about dating you, is he not just some old perv looking for some young pussy on the side and only wants a sexual relationship?

    Are your parents close in age or spread out?

    When I was so ready to marry my fiancee David, I had brought him home to my adopted parents, but they got all weird coz I am 22 yo and David is 42yo... they acted like he was WAY too old for me.

    I had to point out that my dad is 53you and my mom is 38yo and just had twin boys last year.

    My twin sisters got married at 21you. Belinda married Bill (31you) and Melody married Dan (32you).

    So, after mom and dad asked David and me lots of questions, they felt he was the right man for me. He was immature for 42yo, acting more like 30yo. He was in hella great shape and aside for his grey hair, he could pass for 35yo.

    They said I am a very mature 22yo (i had to grow up fast as a kid) AND ultimately, they want me to be happy and not resent them like I do my real mom and dad.

    It really depends on your man and the way he lives his life.

    by the way, Belinda and Melody got married one month apart, and both have had babies conceived and born in the same months. Both are 24yo and have had 3 kids so far, and both are prego with #4 (they both got prego in November).

    So, you have to have a good, knowledgeable relationship with your guy.

    I dated David 6 months before I knew him well enough to meet my parental units.

    So be prepared if they dont like your man...

    REMEMBER, you are dating him, not your parents or sibs dating him.

    Good luck.. I want to hear how it goes.. ok?


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  • To be honest dating someone who is more than 4 years older than you can be pretty taboo for certain people. I know my parents felt sort of awkward when I dated someone who was 6 years older than me. My sister openly judged it. But my family didn't discourage it or try breaking off because we were happy at the time. It does get sort of awkward because most people wondered why I was dating so old but I was happy so it was fine. Basically if you are happy your family should be be fine because the number one thing they want from you is to be happy.

  • My parents didn't really care. It was awkward at first since I didn't know how they would react but they took it well

  • My parents don't know about my boyfriend and they would flip shit if they found out about him. He's a good man and they would like him if he wasn't my boyfriend.