Is he not interested in me anymore and just trying to be polite now?

I am a kind of extremely shy girl in front of people. And so, I rarely go out and meet anyone, except hanging out with my close friends sometimes. Mostly I spend time with myself or family, only.
I knew this guy in 2015, we met couples time, and later we lost contact. Recently, he found me and messaged me that he missed me and never stopped liking me since then. We've been messaging like every day; not lots of messages but a few every day. And, we hung out once couples week ago, but as I said I am a shy and super introvert person that even though I liked him very much, I could not really open up myself completely. I did not even talk a lot or share my feeing with him as I did through messages.
And, he told me that it felt like I did not want him, so he backed off. I told him, I liked him a lot but...
Anyways, he told me to keep sending him my pictures to him like before, so it'll be easier for him to take the lead for me in the future. As well, next time when we hang out again, I just feel free to do what I want to and be happy, just have fun with him. And I said "what if I want you?" He replied "Sure". Next day, I sent him a picture. And his response was "Great" I tried to make conversation going, so I asked "How's your day? Busy?" He answered "Always". And I dont know what to continue anymore.
Did he lose interested in me? And should I just move on and not bother to text him anymore? I dont wanna chase anyone no more.
Below is the picture I sent him. And I feel wrong for everything I have done so far. I revealed my feeling too much, which is not my usual thing to do. Thus, I deactivated my Instagram, coz I dont want him to re-read what I shared with him anymore.
Should I forget this guy? Is he not interested in me anymore and just trying to be polite now?


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  • well even though you liked him so much i say you should start fresh and rework your sense with people even though you are shy. You need to practice more, you could always go back to him but atm i feel like he did lose interest. so i say practice and dont give in, be motivated to be yourself in a comfortable state

    • Thanks for advice! But it's hard. Like I was trying to be open and think something to talk about. But seems like I only talked when he asked me :( Or sometimes I tried to ask sth, but not a lot. Then thats it. I actually enjoyed the time being with him even we did not talk a lot. Just that, I know I'd prob get him bored though. :/ do you have any idea how to practice to improve it? Like going out more often?

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    • yeah you'll eventually have to change it or bare with it. i understand its who you are but if that guy texted you n u text back u must liked thr fact u could text him back

    • sorry my notfication doesn't work here

  • You say that you are shy but it's rather bold of you to share a picture like that.

    • I said Im shy in person, not in text message. And since we've been messaging for awhile, ... I dont know what to say. Maybe someone would judge me for sending a picture like that? But just to be true, Im not sending it to just any one and Im not messaging any person unless I know or like him. Since here is where to ask a question, even though I was hesitate to share that picture here, but I just wanna make it more detail about our conversation so that you guys could give clearer advice.

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  • Yes, I think you should actually forget about him. I am under the impression that he is not that into you. However, you're really pretty in the picture you sent him, so I doubt it had anything to do with that

    • Thanks! I guess that's what I need to do then. :(

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