Do you think my dream girl and lover is out there?

I want a pretty young woman who has never had her first love or a boyfriend before.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • She's out there but you're not going to find her. You're asking a lot for an 18+ year old woman to be attractive and not have had her first love yet lol

    • Aren't you one of them yourself?

      Why will I not find her?

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    • @Tdieseler "or some crap" also me. I'm a prude, not a fantasy lul

    • Ah... met a lotta those... not really a fan. I do bad things to them... dont ask.

Most Helpful Guy

  • give up. its near impossible to find a dream girl. and its super hard to find an acceptable girl that will like you. lifes tough. life sucks. but thats how it is. its not a nice world out there. :'(


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  • Well, it's a good question. It's surely possible that your dream girl is out there.

  • Absolutely. She'll be yours for only $300/hour.

  • I had that. You'll find it to hurt a lot when it ends.

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