Why did the guy that likes me completely ignore me? I DONT UNDERSTAND?

I didn't know who this guy was until my friend told me that he asked her about me and told her to try and hook me up with him. He told her he was going to say hi but never did. he's a pretty outgoing guy so I dont understand why he won't talk to me but does talk to other girls. Today i decided to call out his name so i could get him to come to me so i could speak to him for once. He was running out of the gate when i yelled out his name, he turned around and then CONTINUED RUNNING OUT OF THE GATE. He just ignored me lol. I wasn't close to him either i was like 20 feet away. But why did he completely ignore me and just ran away? Does he not like me or is he too scared or something?


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  • He doesn't like you that much. I doubt he is too scared or anything of such sorts.


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