Would you lie to your parents about your SO's age?

Okay sooo here's what happened. I'm 19, and I met a guy who I really liked. Turns out he's 26. about 7 years older than me. Which I don't think is that bad, especially with how he treats me. And I feel so comfortable around him. However my parents would totally NOT approve. So when my mom asked how old he was, I said 23. Shouldn't have lied, but I did it anyway.
If they knew how old he was they wouldn't let me date him! And I would end up sneaking around behind them, because I still live with them for now. And it would all around be a bad situation. I do plan to tell them the truth in the future... after I move out...

Did I do the right thing?

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  • You should come clean because then they'll understand that you are gaining maturity and plus lies waste so much time and thoughts. Which means that essentially lying is a waste of life and disrespectful to your own integrity. One lie only sets up the perpetrator to tell another one to cover it up and in the end you'll wish you hadn't buried your self respect under so many tales. It's like the boy who cried wolf, the third time no one believed him and he was mauled to death. Stand up for yourself and smile for the truth and your days will be all the more brighter


Most Helpful Girl

  • Although I do not agree with lying, I can understand your reasons for doing so. i believe at the moment it may be best to not tell them until they actually get to know him. Once they get to know him, see the nice man he is- then when you do tell them, it hopefully will not be so bad.
    I agree telling them before they met him, they could just judge him and won't give him a chance but as I said, once they know him they can be able to put the age thing behind


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  • It your love life and your above the age of were you need there permission too date. Besides that if you felt like you had to lie to still have a place to live I guess, it not good, it understandable.

  • I wouldn't have lied but hey... it is what it is...

    • I just wanna keep the peace in the family until I move out. and It's not like I've been around the block or anything. I've been on exactly 2 other dates before because I'm super picky. And legit the only problem with this dude is his age

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    • See now that's a bit much!

    • there's also the age factor too... see, in a case like that its socially acceptable... because look at the lower age...28... been an adult a long time.
      but in your case, society looks at the lower age... then just fuckin judge.

  • I am in my mid 30s, and I would date an 18 year old, even if she was still in high school and not lie about her age. :P


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  • My husband is 7 years older than me and we started dating when I was 19. As long as you care for each other and make each other happy. I was a little nervous about the age difference but my family took it fine. I don't think 7 years is to far apart but I personally wouldn't date anyone older then my husband.

    • SO YOU TOTALLY GET IT. Except the age difference is a huge deal in my family

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    • My mom thought 23 was a stretch honestly. And I'm not sure, how long I'll be living with them. I can't drive yet, but as soon as I have my own car and can drive I have EVERY intention of moving out ASAP. I even have a roommate picked out and everything. And my boyfriend said he'll help me learn to drive, and I've already got enough money to make a down payment on a car. And I do work so I'll be able to pick up more hours at work. In all I could be moved out over the next year.

    • That's not so bad then and it gives you time to find out if he is the one for you and time for your family to how great you two are together. Lots of luck too you and him, maybe he is the one you are destined to be with. Great men are a rarity! I have been with my husband for almost 13 years and never regretted a day! Good luck with everything.

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