Should I give him a chance or cut him off?

I'm in college and so is he. He approached me and I became attracted to him. He text me everyday and we would talk about any and everything. He is a Scorpio so you already know he was charming and flirty but he always knew how to make me smile. He shifted the conversation and got just a little sexual. I told him I'm still a Virgin about a week after talking to him. I did that to see how he would react. Ever since I dropped the V card on him his text messages became shorter. He went from texting me everyday to texting me only when he wants to know if we have homework in a class we both attend or if he needs help with HW. He told me he was attracted to me sexually and as a person but I don't know. When we see each other I feel a chemistry. He's sending mix messages and I think I should cut him off before I get hurt by him. Or am I over reacting? I'm an Aquarius. I heard Aquarius and Scorpios aren't really compatible.


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  • you could cut him off but i felt like he read the v card in a manner that he wouldn't get any sexual context as soon as he hoped. You can ask him straight forward what he wants or See's in you.

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    • Yeah no need to rush. Better to wait for the right person than to waste it on someone that doesn't give a damn about you.

    • ohh truuee, take care strawberry

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