Do I leave her be or keep checking up on her? Is she depressed?

So I was dating this girl for a few weeks that had just gotten out of a relationship and things were going extremely well. There were a lot of sparks flying and it was very intense. She was extremely interested in me and so was I. Then out of nowhere she went cold (I looked back at our last date a million times, I did nothing wrong). I've never even heard of someone being that hot then that cold out of nowhere. Almost a month went by and we met up twice. On our last date she told me that she was freaking out because she had just gotten out of a relationship and she's not ready for all of this. She started crying and told me that she was sorry that her actions made me think she didn't have feelings for me or was disinterested which is not true because she really does like me, it's just bad timing and said she can see us dating when she has her shit together. She said that she hates herself for how she treated her ex and is afraid of doing the same with me.
I've honestly been obsessing over this because I've never liked a girl this much this fast before. Lets be real here, she could have just bs'd me and she's just not that into me, however when we're together her actions and words point to a VERY high attraction for me, like she can't keep her hands off of me or tell me how much she likes me or pay me compliments. Point is, if she's lying to me she did an amazing job at making pretend she was into me. There's some other important info. She has a long history of depression and is currently on meds. Someone pointed out to me that it could be that she's going through a depressive episode and that's why she's pushing me away. She told me that she needed her space. I have given her her space, but I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do IF she's actually going through a depressive episode. I would greatly appreciate some help on how to handle this. Do I let her go or keep checking up on her like once a week just so she knows I'm there for her?


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  • You should actually move on. I have heard many stories of women telling men that they are depressed and they are currently experiencing negative feelings and the poor guy waits for them and they eventually disappear. I wouldn't risk it if I were you.


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