Would you rather your dream person be either smart or funny?

It has to be one of the other, can't be both!


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  • I'd prefer a funny. they don't necessarily have to be smart, but I'd like for them to at least hold a job and carry out a mature conversation every now and then.


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  • Tricky. There are all kinds of smarts. If we're thinking of a stereotypical antisocial bookworm type with no sense of humor as "smart", then I'd have to go with "funny".

    If we're thinking of, say, someone with 150+ IQ, then I have never met anyone from Mensa in that category who wasn't funny in their own way. Those people tend to develop humor.

    Since you said it has to be one or the other and never both, as though they're mutually exclusive, then I'll go with "funny".


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  • Smart.
    A smart person can learn how to be funny... a funny person isn't necessarily smart.

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