What happened to working towards love?

I feel like no guys want to try anymore. They just want easy or to mess around. It's hard to find a guy who truly wants to give his all and fall madly in love. They all just want to play games. I'm thinking maybe it's just my location but I don't know anymore. Maybe it's time to move from this place and get a new perspective.


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  • Your right. We like video games. We want to work on cars and relax. We don't want to have all of these duties to prove ourselves to a woman BUT I want to tell you something that may surprise you!

    One of the things that makes me thurst to be in a relationship with someone special is I'm addicted to a womans' natural softness to their personality whn I become that special person. Women have that nurturing spirit. It's in the atmosphere. I remember I could almost smell it all day in my apartment after she would leave. Some type of happy electricity in the air.

    Knowing I'm that person I want to be empathetic to her problems. I want to commit to the relationship to see how deep her emotions can go for me. I want to be sensitive so she feels safe to speak to me. I want to be honest and loyal to her. I want her to feel lucky to have me. I want offer emotional support when she needs it. I want her to know that no other women will get more than a faith shallow look of my attention. I want to compromise to have more enjoyable time together.

    BUT women go to a dirty loud bar and pick a guy screaming at the sports channel because he's the most popular in a crowd. He's tall so he meets the girls' height requirements. He's exciting and obnoxious so you the girl doesn't call him boring and dump him.

    Women DO NOT LIKE WHAT YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT. They dump nice guys for jerks. they complain they get cheated on then turn around and pick a guy who is just as bad.


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  • I think it's age. The guys 18-25ish aren't usually looking for serious relationships. Not all of them, but a lot of them.


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  • you if r looking for true love first u should be true.

  • past experiences are also responsible for such a behaviour...


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