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Hello. I am what you would consider, uh, ahard to look at kind of person, and I am very self conscious about myself due to my speech impediment. I just recently changed schools. Anyway, me and this girl (from my old school) started talking to each other, and we really hit it off. She told me that she liked me and I told her I felt the same way. She would tell me she wanted to lay in my arms all night, you know stuff like that. We use to spend hours and hours texting each other, it was marvelous. But she changed after the day we hung out on Valentine's day. Where before she would text me back rather quickly, but now? She takes sometimes hours before responding, even after it says that the message was opened (Snapchat). She stopped contributing to any conversations that I started, by responding with short one to two word responses. Before she would text me ask through out the day, but now? She only text me late at night before she goes to sleep. And whenever I do text her during the day, like after school, on the weekends, she always says that she is busy. And just when I thought things were getting better, after I helped her with her essay (proof reading etc) which took us until 2 am to complete, I was wrong. I did act dramatic a couple of times, I'll admit to that. But when ever I ask her if she still likes me she says that she does, but I believe she is just saying that to not hurt my feelings. It hurts to feel like your being tossed aside like an old toy. I even asked if there was someone else, and she would reply with a no. Should I just 'toughen up' as they say? I don't know what to do, please help it's killing me on the inside.
Hello again, we discussed it and concluded that she wanted to be just friends. Let's just say I cut her off. Thank you all for the advice!


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  • She probably didn't enjoy herself as much on your date on Valentine's day.
    She has probably lost her interest. When people are into someone, they usually make time for them.

    • Thank you, I will just stop talking to her then. Thank you again :)

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