Wondering if I should be suspicious or even a guy that has nothing to hide doesn't let his girl go through his phone?

Guys how do u feel about ur girlfriend knowing how to get into ur phone? Same for girls. To me if u have nothing to hide u wouldn't care right? Every time i learn the password to my bfs phone and he finds out that i know he changes it...


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  • HUGE sign of insecurity... and serious trust issues. And a relationship without trust ain't shit... if i were him, i'd boot you to the curb... I dont even try to get into my girl's phone... cuz i know how many guys try to hit on her using every fucking medium... she just laughs and SHOWS it to me. Thats trust.
    In your case..."seek and ye shall find"... in all honesty.. you think you do it to "protect" yourself, but look past it.. you are only torturing yourself... constantly on edge...
    Relax... whatever he did, is doing, or does... will one day come to light.

    • the first time i went on it wasn't even to spy it was to put a pick of us as his background for his phone that was it. what made me suspicious was when he changed it after i learned it

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    • yep it can

    • Hey, im glad it worked. Thing is, there is always something girls dont seem to ever see... or ask.
      Always seem to focus only on the goal... but never what happens AFTER.
      (one of the reasons im not married...)
      So what now? He knows you have other "suitors"... what will you do about it?

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  • i'm against any kind of surveillance in relationships. it's so dangerous and will only damage any bond you have with the other person.

    i am a very private person. i have nothing to hide, but i like keeping some things to myself just because. if you know everything about your partner, the magic is gone and it will kill any spark that keeps your relationship exciring.

    if a guy felt the need to violate my privacy just to soothe his paranoia, hed be out the door asap. and i should hope that any person with a smidgen of self-respect would feel the same.

    • i went on his phone to put a pic of me and him on his background not to spy but what gets me is why would he change his password

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    • the notification poped up on the top of his screen when i was going through to change his backround pic to us. i didn't go into his messages i just changed the background and got off

    • in that case, you should probably talk to him. say something like, "if i were to talk to other guys, how would that make you feel?"

      he probably doesn't know you saw the message. and, if you tell him, he's only going to get more secretive with you (not that i blame him). so keep the focus on you and your feelings, but leave him if you don't trust him. has he ever given you reason to believe that he is disloyal?

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  • I would be fine with her going into my phone. . . to delete her number since I am leaving her if she did that.
    If she doesn't trust me then she can fuck off.

    • And I don't even use a password.

    • *takes out pen and paper*
      "... into my phone... to delete her number..."...
      im Definitely gonna use that...
      Oh... from now on... i came up with that :)

    • i knew the passcode to his phone and i went on it to put a pic of me and him for his background

  • yeah i wouldn't care


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  • If I found my husband going through my phone to snoop I'd change my password so he couldn't. He knows it because I trust him not to go through my things. If he broke that trust - even though there is nothing to hide - I'd change it.
    If you feel the need to snoop you need to either talk to him about why and get the full picture or if you don't feel he's being honest just end it


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