First Girlfriend wants to give me a kitty for birthday tomorrow I've been trying to tell her I don't like cats she insists don't wnt to hurt her help?

Like the title states, Im not a fan of cats, sorry cat people 😅, but she keeps Insisting that I will enjoy the present, and keeps alluding to getting me a kitty. I don't want to hurt her either, how do I handle this situation, one last thing she is also my first girlfriend so that's why I'm asking how to handle this?


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  • You need to be firm. If this is your first girlfriend then this is going to set the tone for a lot of future decisions where you have differing opinions. You can still be kind, but just tell her the the truth.

    You don't want a cat, you don't have time for one and if she gets you one you're going to be really upset that she has disrespected your wishes. If she keeps saying you'll like it when you get it, let her know when you get it you'll be taking it straight to an animal shelter where most unwanted pets end up.
    I'm a huge animal person - pets are expensive and if you aren't ready for a commitment then you need to make her understand you don't want it.
    If her feelings get hurt that's her problem

    • Didn't get a cat it turns out she meant something else

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  • I'm going to give you advice that will help you for the rest of your life:

    "Grow some balls"

    If you don't stand up for yourself now with this cat, you will be a miserable man well into your adult hood.

    You need to draw lines in the sand and not cross them.

    IN this case it's a bloody cat. You are what 18-24? A cat lives for 15 plus years, so you are committing to the life of a cat until you are 33-39 years old? You might as well just have a child at that point. at least the child is genetically related to you. While the cat will always hate you and your girlfriend will eventually hate you.

    • I know but I just don't want to upset her, she keeps saying I'm going to enjoy playing with the kitty and I try to tell her I'm not going to enjoy she keeps saying I will.

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    • was it her kitty ;)?

    • Listen to @Guy532 it isn't just one man's opinion. It's about the bigger picture of your life. The "kitty" represents your life and your self-will.

      If you can't say no to a fucking cat, then you prove to the world that you can't make any real decisions in life because you are too afraid of what people will think.

      In other words... Why get a kitty when you already have a pussy... (spoiler: you're the pussy)

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  • AWww this is such an amazing present though, trust me, I hated cats as well, until i Met my boyfriend he owns 3 cats, and after observing them and hanging out with them (I had no other way) I fell in love with them, and honestly, they NOW became my favorite animals, they are so independent, and they just are cuddlish and amazing, I love them now !!
    Just give it a try, don't hurt her feelings, it's actually good that she is doing it even thought you didn't want to at the beginning.
    Send me pictures of your kitty when you get it :D i'm so curious to see that little tiger :D

    • Wasn't a cat after all

  • You Need to Really Here, Dear... Be Firm on this Sore Subject. or an Innocent Kitty, not Pretty, Sticky Situation at Hand, will Suffer, do you Understand?
    Be Polite and Explain to her that Instead of the Kitty, maybe she could Take you out for a Sweet Treat.
    Happy Birthday. xx

  • Tell her you don't want a cat and that it wouldn't be fair to adopt an animal you can't care for. If she doesn't understand this I see trouble in the relationship.

  • if you can afford / care for the cat get it but you dont take care for it. its hers. as a gift. i also hate cats but my boyfriends cat is his only 🙅😊

    • That's the thing I really don't have time for a cat but my girlfriend keeps insisting that I will like the gift and that I will enjoy playing with the kitty.

    • naw tell her nows not the time. get an xbox instead

    • Well it wasn't a cat that I got today

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  • Just be honest, tell her that you don't like cats and don't want one and you'll be annoyed if she gets you one since she wouldn't be respecting or listening to your needs and wants.

    • I have but she just keeps saying don't worry and that i enjoy playing with the kitty

    • then if she buys it give the kitten to her and tell her you made yourself clear and you don't want it, don't let her push you around just because she's your girlfriend and you don't want to hurt her. Trust me, girls LOVE it when their man has a backbone and stands up for himself. Yea she might be mad at you if you do that, but guess what? You're right and she'll know she fucked up on the inside (even if she gets all bitchy on you) and she's going to respect you that much more if you don't put up with her bullshit when she's beeing ridiculous. It's all about respect, respect yourself and she'll respect you. Let her walk all over you and she won't respect you. If she stops respecting you, her attration for you will disappear as well. Women want to know you can handle them and aren't afraid to do or say what you know is right no matter what.

    • Wasn't a cat

  • Dude it has to be alluding to pussy man no way is someone forcing a kitten on someone "fucking take it god damn it!"

  • Hope that she is using a euphemism...

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