Girls, what are the reasons you didn't text a guy back?

My own personal reasons:
1. Continually talking for weeks and not asking me out. Why? Because you will run out of things to talk about on a date! What's the point in having long convos over text when you can do it person! I'm not dating my phone. Usually, a guy who does this is talking to other girls and enjoys the attention. If they live near me, I prefer the guy to step up and initiate the first date. The only exception on this, is if the guy lives quite far and if I like him enough.
2. His comments become too sexual or if I'm really lucky, I'll get a dick pic. Why? I think it's fairly self-explanatory.
3. Boring conversation. Why? I'm not glued to my phone 24/7 but I like to have good conversation with a guy before I meet them.
4. Personal reasons/family issues/work issues - Why? Again, fairly self-explanatory.
5. I just lost interest. Why? Sometimes it just happens. Please note, if I have already met the guy and I'm not interested, I will text and give a reason.


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  • I almost ALWAYS text back. However, I won't text back if the guy creeps me the hell out or if he's sending a dick pic and he says "Send nudes!" like no.

  • I don't like him

    he's boring

    I forget XD


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