How to ask him over without sounding needy?

This guy is over from the states - he is super hot and I just want to "hang out" one last time before he goes on Friday. we went on a date the other day stuff happened and he stayed over but I was on my week so we couldn't do the deed. So it was more just a lot of talking etc.

he was meant to come over last night but he must have forgotten (I know - I am not the love of his life or anything and he probably isn't that into me since he forgot)
but I still want to have sex with him 😂🙈

should I just leave it as he forgot - or should I text him again and if so what the hell do I say guys to get him over? 😩

Last we spoke I asked if he had time to hang out again before he left; he replied yes let's link up tomorrow; I suggested hanging out at the pool and drinking some wine; he agrees that's the plan... and didn't hear anything else.. But also I didn't text him to remind him or nothing..

i could say: hej Papi! Sorry got caught up last night - want to come over tonight instead? ;)

pretend i I was the one who forgot? 😫 God I am so bad at this help?

I would keep my self respect and leave the ball in his court if he wasn't leaving on Friday this is the issue I am having with it all..


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  • Invite him to watch a sports game


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  • I mean... I don't have much experience with things like this buut... if I were you I would just ask him to hangout and not care if I seemed desperate. Cause you just want the D! You're not trying to date him long term or anything are you? I say take the risk and put yourself out there (even though thats a bit hypocritical cause I often don't myself lol)

    • I decided my dignity outweighed the need for the D haha! Thanks for the help though :)

    • Oh good! No problem! lol

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  • netflix and chill?

  • offer movies


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  • See if he wants to come over

    • How? I feel so desperate asking him again