How do I get a girl into me?

I'm 17 will be 18 on March 30th and I'm single I'm not the worst looking guy. why is it so hard for me to get a loyal girl and how do I get a loyal girl


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  • I wouldn't worry about it. Dating is hard enough in high school but finding someone worth your time is almost impossible. If you still want a girlfriend, the easiest way is to just hang out with some girls and talk to them (simple, I know) you can only find a loyal girl through trial and error

  • Just wait until one find you interesting


What Guys Said 1

  • Here are some:

    -Be confident
    -Look confident
    -Talk more
    -Take showers regularly
    -Don't be over-confident.
    -Don't be creepy
    -Be yourself - this is very important
    -Don't try to get them, try to make yourself presentable and likable - this is the most important.

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