Why do some guys try to drive girls crazy?

This guy i used to date send his friends after seeing me walking, to argue with me out of nowhere and when i confronted my ex about it he said ''i dont know anything about it and said i was crazy'' while he was the one who called while his friends try to play me... he never calls ever but when his friends started argueing with me in public he called (i didn't pick up), why is he trying to make me crazy? i told him i want nothing to do with him but he also keeps watching my snapchats when he knows it bothers me


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  • cut the cord while you can

    • with all, and warn them

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    • sorry haha, well if he sent his goons to insult you, it might mean hell keep a grudge or something gay.

    • Cut his Pennis.
      I mean the cord. As he said.
      I think he is bad lesson

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