What does it mean when a guy holds your face when you are kissing?

Also I thought the guy wanted to hold hands and we did briefly but he started rubbing my hand and said I have soft hands. He felt my butt a little and my boobs. Things got semi hot in the car. He is 32 and I'm 22. He kissed my forehead too. He asked me out and this is our 4th date. He seems genuine and nice. What should I make of this?
We aren't official yet he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend just to go on dates and he still logs on to the dating app we met on so what should I think?


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  • I do that 2 .
    I hold the girl face when I kiss her ( that after long relationship I just can't hold myself an crazy about her and want to kiss her so hard XD so I hold her face while doing it )

    Now if things got hit in the car well it can mean things :/ he wanted sex but didn't happen so either he stopped himself or u did.

    If he stopped then means he genuinely like u and want more of this relationship than just sex.

    If u stopped him can be :

    1- he is using u for sex
    2- he read the signs wrong or he thought 4th date is when u move to next level and it is normal to hook up since u both like each other

    • A kiss on the forehead means I admire u.
      At least to me.

      So I really see there is high chance he like u a lot if not in love with u already.

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    • Well him and I have been on like more dates now... haven't seen him in 2 weeks now but we talk everyday. He says he has been busy working. Not sure what to think of that

    • Don't over think it, it's normal he get busy :)
      U 2 will meet in next 1-2 wks, if that didn't happen then he is not interested anymore or not putting effort to this relationship.

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  • It means he enjoys touching you. I is an intimate thing.


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  • It means he is only sexually attracted to your face everything besides your lips

    • So just using me for sex?

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    • @1988fido he wanted to but he said he controlled himself

    • @Asker see then he have feelings for u 100% and he is the definition of gentleman. A guy who try his best to make the partner happy.
      Or u prefer the asshole who would force himself on u in the car even if u said stop and started scream will knock u out and rape u?

      Am confused these days I swear what the girls want in a guy..! Assholness? Then they cry once they know he cheated on them

      And when they meet a nice guy they either say it's not u it's me bullshit. they start acting over worried on every move the guy make.
      Calm down and talk to other person be open about stuff and transparent.

      Since he said he hold himself U should give him credit for these things

      1- he did hold himself
      2- he didn't hide the fact or lie
      3- his feelings for u genuine
      4- once he did hold ur face that move ( at least me ) only do it to the girl u are crazy about her , u like her aloooooot and most likely u think she got potential to be the one if she is not already the one and u love her

  • he's a gentleman

  • He is showing passion and love. x


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