How to know if a guy is playing you through social media?

What're the signs he's playing you if you guys don't see eachother everyday?


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  • Simple... you drop the social media aspect.. :)

    • It's a long distance relationship

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    • *** Actually, correction. Your answer wasn't sarcastic, but it was condescending... just in case you decided to bring up the whole "it wasn't sarcastic from the beginning bitch"

    • Ok... πŸ™Œ you definitely caught me with that last comment... that was almost word for word what i was gonna say lol...
      again.. im sorry about the delivery... i just believe in overkill especially when im talking to a female.. they tend to have this fluff in their ears and around their brain that they dont let anything through that they dont wanna hear... so i add force to mine... so it will get through regardless...
      Now that i know you are listening... i can tone it down a bit...
      You are right, it is your life and it affects you, which is why i gave you the first tip... drop the social media... you want more, i can supply that... (without the force this time hehe :) )

What Girls Said 1

  • -He only replies to you once in a blue moon.
    -He flirts with other girls.
    -He asks for nudes and he's only interested in sexual conversations.


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