LDR - going to the cinema instead of taking my call. Overreacting?

Been in a long distance relationship for 4 months and feeling really hurt right now. We've not been able to speak since Saturday (I have exams, he's busy at work), but we both had time tonight, but he's decided to go to the cinema instead and I'm feeling really hurt by it. He said he'd text after, but I have another exam. tomorrow and I can't stay up late to wait. for him.. and I kinda don't feel like I should have to! But am I overreacting when I feel really down prioritized and hurt by this?


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  • I wouldn't worry too much about this. My boyfriend and I have been doing long distance for the last 7 months and I sometimes bail on our Skype dates to go shopping or spend time with friends or whatever. As long as you can find a time to reschedule or something, then don't worry.

  • I have a bit of a different perspective then anyone else. Me having been in a long distance where I was not at a priority and this kind of hits home. In a regular relationship, missing a phone call every once in awhile, isn't a super big deal, but in long distance communication is important. Has this happened before? If it becomes a regular pattern, then it is a huge concern for you. A guy/girl who really cares about their partner will use any time to talk to them in a long distance, heck if it came to a movie or talking to my now ex boyfriend, I would choose to talk to him.


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