Guys. Silly question but is this a good sign especially if it's a long distance situation?

We separated 3 months ago, he reached out just last week. And tells me that he's still been thinking about me all this time. He works 16 hours since he's in a cruise but whenever he gets the chance to have a wifi, he messages me and asks about me. He's also the first one to cut our convo because he's gotta go back to the ship

I know we just started communicating again, so right now it's all good but only time will tell if this is consistent right? Especially if he's going to be gone for a good 9 months. So I guess I'll just enjoy it and take it for what it is and. not expect too much?


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  • You seem to have a good grasp of the situation. Take it nice and slow, just treat him as a friend and enjoy the fact he's still interested. If you decide you don't want to talk anymore, then go for it. Do as you wish in this situation, because you're privileged to have enough time to think about what you really want.

    • Thank you so much, I hate when people say LDR never work, like STFU.

      To me, he could've gave up on us that 3 months we didn't talk but yet he said I was still on his mind and thinks about me often. And he actually plans on seeing me again and even said if I want it, we can make it happen.

      He flew to see me this past December... that to me shows what he is willing to do.

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    • He's hardly sexual which is good. He lets me know what he's up to. I woke up today with a random "hope you are well and you're training is going well" it's one sentences though... but I guess that's fine for now right? If he really wants to work this out, there's a LONG way to goooo so I think the phase is good?

      unless guys are feeling it out too and don't want to come on too desperate?

    • Consistently sending good morning/night texts is pretty secure proof he either likes you a lot romantically or as a very close friend, so see if he does it with any regularity (accounting for his schedule, so if he could only text in the morning on a Wednesday, but always does so, that still counts).

      Yeah, guys do like to know where they stand just as much as girls, *potentially* more so, since we tend to be the ones society mandates ask to initiate romance and no one likes a rejection. So it could be testing the waters, but that's not necessarily a bad thing either way as it lets you move the situation however you want.

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  • I don't think you should expect too much from it as well.


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  • LDR's never work. Consider dating someone you can actually SEE!

  • yaaa suree.. and good to hear u r now in contact with him..

    • Yes we are now, thank you

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