Girls regarding dating?

So just last night my girlfriend went out after work. She always calls me every night in the morning and before work and after work. Yesterday I got out of class at 11:00pm from class and I was curious on why she never called prior. So I decided to call her and she answered and I asked her where she was coming from and she got upset and asked why. I told her cause I'm your boyfriend don't you think I have the right to know where your at? And she said no your not my father and I got very upset and told her thats unfair cause all the time she ask where I'm at I tell her where and who I'm with. My question is why do girls get upset when there boyfriend ask where there at?


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  • Some girls are hypocritical (it sounds like it in your case if she asks where you are too.)

    Other times it feels like you're smothering her. Like she can't do anything without your permission or consent

    • So what should I do I don't wanna push her away

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    • I'm sorry :/ maybe now you can find a girl who actually treats you right

    • Yea I know thanks greatly appreciate your advice thank you!

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