Girl responds to my text 2 days later?

im acquainted with this girl and she's the first girl i hooked up with since breaking up with my girlfriend, and i really felt something, so we hooked up. we were out till 4am. she didn't let me in her house but we texted each other goodnight with hearts (lame ya i know)

2 days later i hit her up to see if she wanted to go for coffee or ice cream or whatever, and she said she was working. so ok, thats valid. 2 days ago, i texted her saying something like hey whats up lets go get some coffee.

she completely ignored that text until just now, 2 days later. saying like hey sorry i've been busy with school and work but whats up. i really like this girl but i think i should just leave it. what do you guys think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You're probably not the only person she's talking to.. and sorry to say, the other (s) are ranked higher in priority.

    Everyone is on their phone 24/7, 2 days is too long to go unnoticed.

    • i dont doubt it, she's not the only girl i'm talking to either. my question is if i should even bother responding or not

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't assume things about her, because you don't know for sure. That assumption will only get you into trouble. What you should be doing is playing it cool instead of being upset.

    She replied, that's good, she doesn't dislike you... move forward and make the coffee date. Clearly she's busy, so ask her what her schedule is like so you can pick a good time when she is free.


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