It happened twice wtf😱?

been on a date with a girl few days to grab lunch
she went to bathroom twice and took some time
another gurl I went to grab a drink with she went to bathroom 3 times?
Is it me who is making them nervous or what on earth is happening 😱


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  • they may just be girly girls and have to reapply makeup a lot or who knows. are they acting nervous at the table?

    • Both of them don't wear make up and one of them was nervous the other was confident

    • hmm i dont know. its was just 2 so it oprobably just was a coincidencee that they both went more than once. Why is that bothering you? Maybe they drink a lot of water or maybe it was that time of month for one of them

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  • They're probably texting a friend. Settle down

    • What for 🙊

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    • In this day and age, that wouldn't be long enough to weed out whether you were psycho. Plus six hours! Maybe she needed to pee

    • LOL omg xD

  • Maybe they just have weak bladders... I wouldn't take it to heart. Few cups of tea for me and I can be gone 5 times every hour, doesn't mean anything.

  • If u r still talking to them after the dates I wouldn't be concerned

    • One of them asked me 3 times after that date but I turned it down because I was genuinely busy.
      The second one neither of us asked the other for a second date.. but it was nice date.

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    • He doesn't touch me in like a weird way lol it's just that when we sit next to each other our knees will touch and normally a person would move away but he doesn't

    • He's also not from America so maybe space boundaries r different where he's from

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