Does he like me?

I went on 5 dates about and i just want to know if the guy likes me?

All of a sudden out of no where im guessing myself. I barely heard from him (3 days- im crazy i know).

I asked him to hang tnt, but he said he "had things to do after work :(" "sowwy"

but we haven't texted a lot in between

Im starting to like him and now i feel like this is when i start to over think.

DATING scares me ! lol
Let me eleborate...

he told his parents and sister about me.. they like me

keeps begging me to spend night.. but i won't

he wanted me to come over earlier this week after my dinner (he saw my snap)

he mention weird thigns on the date...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Your hung up on a guy who said "sowwwy" because he couldn't hang out. You can do better, babe.


What Girls Said 2

  • why didn't you spend a night? are y'all already intimate? And 3 days is way too long if you been on 5 dates already. If he keeps onn with that, he may not be that interested bc no guy will go that long without saying nothing for 2 day or more, no excuse. Make sure his words match his actions. if it dont, time to move on. Dont ignore the signs and listen to your intuition, the voice inside

  • It's hard to tell, there is little detail to go on. What we do know is he likes you enough to still be talking to you after 5 dates.

    • If he's told his mom and sister about you, he probably likes you. Most guys won't tell their family if it's just a fling or if it's unimportant.

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