Is it weird to ask your friend about their friend you find hot?

One of my friends (he's married) commented on one of his friends posts a few days ago. The guy he is friends with is the hottest guy i have ever seen in my life.
I sent my friend a message asking if dude was close to my age (not wanting a dude in high school/college at my age). He said he wasn't sure but he thinks he has at least graduated college. I laughed it off and said he was probably too young anyway.
A week later can't get this guy off my mind and I feel awkward asking my friend more questions (like is dude single, can he set me up, etc). Would that be weird for you to have a friend ask you to set them up, especially since he may not know the guy well?


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  • That wouldn't be weird! It'd only be weird if I had to tell her the guy wasn't single lol

  • I would just tell your friend you think the guy is hot and see what he offers up. Good luck!


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