I've met his mum?

Talking to each other for almost a year but seeing each other / hanging out for 2-3 months. I've met his mum a lot. She's lovely ! Calls me baby girl etc posted a pic of me on social media but he hasn't said do you want to be my girlfriend yet. Should I ask him where things are headed or just let things fly for another month? Thanks heaps for opinions:-)


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  • You should wait a bit I'd say 6 months maybe before asking where everything is headed. Hopefully he asks you out before then. But I think this gives him an ample amount of time to make his final move and ask you to be his!

    • Thanks!! Your right girl, 6 months seems like a good amount of time :-)

  • That is cool

    • I think he's cool! Reckon I should bring up the "what are we" talk in a few weeks?

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