When a guy asks if you like a certain restaurant?

Umm this has happened to me a few times. A guy, who I might be friends with for some amount of time, asks me " so, what kind or restaurant do you like? Or the most recent one " so do you like Red Lobster? Have you ever been?" Ummm I answer the question with " i have been and I mostly like the cheddar biscuits." So... here's my question: why and what the heck does it mean when a guy asks you a question like that? It just seems a little suspicious to me. And then to top it off he randomly complimented my earrings, necklace, and sunglasses.


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  • It's very possible he's interested and might want to ask you out, especially given the compliments, and was trying to find out where you might like to go.

    A question like that also can just be making conversation. The compliments make me think he's considering asking you out, though.

    • Ok so this guy and I have been hanging out for 15 months. He knows how I feel and he said he's not ready. I get that because he's still healing from his last relationship. But the random compliments are becoming more frequent. So I don't know how to interpret them 😊

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  • Ohhhh he gonna ask you out gurllllll

    Maybe, or maybe he just wants to get you know you better. Or maybe he doesn't know how to talk to girls yet and is a little awkward. Ya never know, but it seems innocent enough so hey chat him up right?

    • I mean this guy and I have been hanging out for 15months. I told him how I feel about him and he's still healing from his last relationship. So he's not ready. But the whole random compliments thing is getting a little more frequent. 😊

  • Just making plans for a future date request, I imagine.


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  • He is either trying to get you to talk about your interests without choosing a topic that is too personal or he wants to go to a restaurant with you. I know when I am talking to people I choose topics that are personally relevant but not too intimate - for example - asking somebody what their favourite season or colour is.

    • Ok cool. So just conversation between two grown people. Even though he sometimes rubs my shoulders or compliments my clothing and jewelry. Or has this huge smile on his face when he hears me sing. Or constantly finds sometime during the day to be around me.

    • He might like you then - I didn't know the last part until now. Or he might be attracted to you if not interested in you.

    • At first I was too floored by his question to put it with together with the compliments he gave

  • Food is a good conversation starter. It may not mean anything. Do you want him to have feelings for you?

    • That's the thing he hints that he does a little. But it's not much.

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    • I did already. That was 15months ago and now he's throwing signals I don't know how to read.

    • Tell him again.

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