Relationship problem?

How many girls thinks long distance relationship is better than usual one


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  • You did not give a lot of information about your question, so I am not sure what you are really look for.

    I will share my boyfriend's and my experience with a long distance relationship (LDR) and maybe that will be helpful.

    My boyfriend and I were in a LDR when we first started dating. We met online through a discussion board similar to this one. We did the LDR thing for about 1 1/2 years before I quit my job and moved in with him.

    While we were in the LDR, we would see each other approximately for one weekend every other weekend.

    I had no issue with it. I felt close and intimate with him just by talking to him in the times we were apart. For him, it was more difficult. He would say that when we first saw each other again he needed to adjust to it.

    It was like the intimacy broke for him when we were apart and the being together again brought it back. I, however, did not have that issue. I felt very close to him even when we were apart because we would talk frequently and deeply.

    I hope that helps but I really have no idea what you are asking about.

    • thanks a lot

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    • I should have taken you and your simple question at face value the first time around. lol!

      Well, regardless, I hope my long meandering answers proved somewhat beneficial.

      I will say, for me, they were. I even read what I first responded to you back to my boyfriend before I posted to make sure it was accurate and we had an interesting discussion about your topic (even though at that point we had no clue you really meant what you asked. lol!)

      Leave it to a female to not get the obvious...:)

    • hehehe

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