Is flirting and dating a skill/language that can be perfected with practice?

  • Yes it is, attracting, flirting and dating is a skill involving human psychology which needs practice/ trial and error to get right
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  • No it's not, be yourself and the right woman will come to you
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Most Helpful Girl

  • um if you find the way to practice into perfection help me out.
    lol honestly just read about how to communicate and be authentic with people, and when the right person comes around then you go through the trial and errors of dating.
    that's what I've read, can't speak from experience


Most Helpful Guy

  • Of course!! As you get older, and meet people, and have experiences, they add to your personality, and help you figure out, who "YOU" are!!
    In your 20's, most guys are pathetic, and desperate, or just fcking anything they can, having kids they cannot support, because they are losers and can't hold a job!!
    In your 30's you get a lot of social pressure, to marry, settle, and have a family.
    If you are a guy, in your 40's, single, never married, people wonder what is 'WRONG' with you, unless they know you! Confusing. Some of us won't just settle into the Social Stereotype, and just marry, and have kids.
    Some have 'commitment' issues, but others, like me, just haven't found the RIGHT ONE!!
    I've had some, I could maybe have loved, but never really felt that 'SPECIAL' connection!!
    OK, women are most likely going to identify with this, and guys are going to reply calling me all kinds of things, but I would rather be alone, than try to pretend someone is what I want, when she isn't!
    I want the one that I CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK TO!! THE ONE that I love cuddling with, and HATE the ALARM CLOCK, telling me I have to go to work, when I JUST WANT TO BE WITH HER, and LOVE her softness, the way she smells, and feels, and how we connect, and share interests and food, and cooking, and just being together!
    I'm holding on, for THAT one. . .


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  • just be yourself is the worse over used advice ever given you need practice


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