What's the etiquette on dating/hooking up with sibling's friends?

So my brother has a lot of friends and every once in a while I meet some I hit it off with. To me that's an advantage since I very rarely meet people, mostly by choice. But on trips and stuff I meet them and sometimes shit happens. I try and never do anything cause well, they're his friends I dont wanna damage that. Now there's this girl, though, that I can't stop thinking about at times, and we kinda hit it off. I would like to at least know what could happen there

Obviously I'm asking here cause I'm not sure how to even bring it up to my brother. We're very close, though rarely talk about things like this.

As an addend, would a girl typically avoid a situation like this? If she felt attracted, would she take that risk?


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  • You definitely have to discuss this with your brother. For all you know he might have feelings for her too.

    As a women there is almost no chance that I would consider dating my sisters friends. We aren't extremely close, but for me it would feel like invading or stealing her support network.

    It's possible that your brother might feel differently, but you won't find out unless you ask.

    You say dating or hooking up. I would suggest not moving forward if you have casual intentions. I would be pretty pissed to have someone mess with the group dynamic for a one night stand or friends with benefits.

    It might be different if you really like her and could see yourself with her seriously.

    • He has a longtime girlfriend so no chance of that, no

      So you think I should talk to him before even pursuing her? Like even if it doesn't work?

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  • I loved meeting sisters of my friends. You're adults, you can do what you want


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