Girls Decisions V/S Guys decisions?

ok so here the thing my best friend and I were talking so he's had a healthy sex life, like he was getting laid at least four times a week. Now he's gotten into a relationship and the girl he's going out with isn't ready to have sex before marriage which is completely fair and we respect her decision but isn't it wrong to force this decision on him also. Is it cheating if he slept with some other girl? after all this girl can't give him sex he isn't forcing his ideas on her so isn't it right for him to have his life?


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  • It isn't wrong for her to "force that decision on him" since he has the choice to leave the relationship. And honestly he probably will end up leaving her.
    It is definitely cheating if he sleeps with another girl. That's being intimate with someone besides your partner. If he's even having thoughts like that tell him to dump the girl because he won't make it the 4 years or so it'll take for marriage


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  • if he wants to have sex and that girl don't want to until after marriage, then he should find another girl that that's fine with sex before marriage then... easy
    both feelings are important, if you think that it's unfair for the guy, then don't you think that it's unfair for the girl too?
    so, think carefully about what you want

  • If he gets in a relationship, I don't think it is right for him to sleep with other girls. I mean he should respect his girlfriend because relationship requires commitment, loyalty, and trust. If he sleeps with another girl, it would be a cheating act. And he might lose trust from her if she finds out.

  • No hhe should be faithful if he's with her and wants to be with her he willl wait if he wants to fuck other hoes than go be with the hoes... period..


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