Any girls with me on this one: I think he got friend zoned, right?

My cousin of 23-years has been incessantly after this girl. He is always inviting her, always doing favors for her, even buying her flowers and also concert tickets for her and her friends. I feel he is somewhat on the obsessive and pushy side sometimes. I have been giving him relationship advice, suggesting for him to cool it down so that she doesn't get overwhelmed. Of course, he won't listen.

Basically, he has taken her out on approximately 10-12 dates without having the courage to make one single move (not even holding her hand). And yet, he is completely infatuated. As time has gone by, I egged him on to make a move quickly, before she lost interest. But his take on my advice was to send her a text message at 12am, telling her how much he liked her and never had the courage to say so in person.

I was smh head at the fact that he texted her this. To which, she replied just, "Why don't we try to get to know each other better?". I feel this response is more on the friend zone side without telling him the hard way. They've been on many dates, how much more does she need to get to know him? He, on the other hand, thinks this is a sign of hope to keep going. What do you guys think?

Edit- sorry gentleman, totally would value your opinion too!


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  • If they take too long just trying to get to know each other, they might get bored and drift away. Hence worth grabbing it while it's good.

  • men can see it too


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  • I think you are being way too pushy here. Some girls like sexless relationships and want a guy who is willing to get to know them.

    • By make a move- I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about something like the classic "arm over shoulder in movies" or grabbing her hand. Gentle things that girls like at first. He has done nothing to make it obvious that he's into her but send her one text after about 10 dates...

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    • You need to teach him, take one of your home girls to teach him how to have games out here, how to be a gent, like you said it doesn't have to be about sex or anything but there is special move you can possibly make to make the girl want you and to let her know its relationship time. on my third date I'd let her know what time is in gentle way!

    • Because if she is a hot girl she gonna know automatically that he has no game, she gonna keep using him for things like paying for her friends tickets loll, and that's how you know a girl doesn't like you for some reason because if she does she would protect him financially, I take you out I'm paying for you I'm not paying for your danm friends, he really needs to step up his game tho, sorry if I talk like this but I think I'm 85% true to this one.

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