Should I confirm if this date is till on?

Organised a second date with a guy to see him in his town. He's not much of a texter and sometimes he'll go a day without messaging. The date is tomorrow, and to get to his town I have to take 2 buses and I'm also staying at my friend's who lives near him just so I can have a base to return too (he said I was welcome to stay the night... to which I said no, hence the trouble of organizing staying at my friend's). He already knows I'm staying at hers but I've not heard anything all day yesterday. I need to pack today, so would there be any harm in shooting a quick text to ask if everything is still okay for the date? I don't usually send a confirmation text but seeing as I'm going out of my way to travel a fair distance, I don't want to go on a 2 hour bus journey for absolutely nothing and mess my friend around.


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  • Send a text to confirm, especially if he knows you are going that distance just to see him. Common courtesy on his end would be to give you a heads up if he has to cancel or reschedule.

  • I'd send a text if I were you. Just to make sure.


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