Should I move on or?

Met this guy online a little over a month ago. We've hung out only twice and the sexual chemistry is always on HIGH with us... more so from my end. I'm a highly sexual being, but I also really value romance and relationships. I originally told him I wanted to start as friends (due to my own hesitation to get back in the dating game) but after the second time we hung out (and also had sex for the first time)... my feelings changed. I feel like I want to "start over" and date him like he had wanted to, but now I fear it may be too late. We plan on hanging out again, so I don't know how to go about expressing my feelings about all this to him... or should I just let it be and hang out with him and go with the flow and see where it leads organically?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think u are already on the track.
    2nd date wasn't a friend thing obviously. U slept with him.

    So now only 2 possible in his brain. U want him for sex or u want relationship.

    So :) u give hints about relation ship and start dating stuff etc..
    it will work.

    U and him met on dating online site , no way in hell he wanted to be ur friend. He want a relationship or just sex.
    So careful and good luck

  • go with the flow and bring up dating but still sastify your (itch)


What Girls Said 1

  • Bring it up to him next time you hang out with him.


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