Girls, Have You Ever Gotten Frustrated After Losing Something In A Guy's Apartment?

Hello, ladies!

So, this is just a fun post, where we can swap stories and vent about the times with an ex, a current or even a friends with benefits. Mostly after losing something following a date or a "night in". A guy or a girl, if that is your choice...

I recently had left a pair of favorite earrings at a guy's place, who I have known for a while. He's a good guy and a good friend for the most part. He just happens to be bit of a frat guy when it comes to cleaning and there's a good chance I might not get them back. Which would be less depressing if they weren't handmade! 😝

Just kidding, but... seriously! Have you ever kicked yourself or gotten a little flustered with yourself or him when something you leave behind disappears or gets tossed out at a spouse's place? 😊


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  • Way too many times. However, it happened with a boyfriend so there was no issue getting it back.

    • Hahahahaha. Sorry to hear that! But, at least you got it back! I just hope he didn't "misplace" my earrings, already. 😋💜

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