Does this mean that we are official?

After hanging out for a few months, me and this guy has finally made it past the awkward stage! After a fun pillow fight we finally made out, and then a little more, but we didn't go all the way. These are the text messages that he sent me after he left, and now I'm wondering if this means that he wants to make us official.

Him: Hey, all "that" just now. Just wanna know if we keep at that it won't hurt our standings as friends, right? I really dont wanna risk that over anything else.

Me: Well in mean I think I found a great friend in you and no I wouldn't want to risk that but I mean I wouldn't have kissed you and did all "that" if I didn't like you a little more than friends

Him: I get that. Just sayin if all elses fails or anythinf, stay friends, yeah? I just dont want it to be an all or nothing thing.

Me: I'd like to see what comes out of it but yes if more than friends doesn't work than I wouldn't throw the friendship out of the window

Him: Good, sorry. That worried me a bit is all. :)

Me: Why would it worry you? I had fun tonight

Him: Cuz i enjoy your company and just dont wanna let it go on a gamble. I had fun too

Me: No I wouldn't want to gamble with it but I mean I have told you before that I could see me liking you more

Him: I know. And i dont mind trying. Just wanna be sure is all

Me: Ok i mean i'd like to give it a try too... I think a good friendship is a good foundation for any relationship and I think we have that going for us... I've never had that before!

Him: Well we can see how it goes, ya know.

Me: I'd like that

Him: Ok, works for me


Most Helpful Guy

  • It sounds like, sexual attraction aside, you both really like being friends with each other. That's good! Since he enjoys your company, he's probably worried that should any potential bitterness or dispute happen in said relationship, he doesn't want to lose you as a friend (he says it himself!). Since you're both open to discussing a situation like this (which many would consider trivial), I think you guys'll be just fine!

    Talking, hanging out: good dialogue is fundamental to any successful relationship.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's hard to say. He might be trying to be friends with benefits. You need to discuss it with him more in order to be sure.


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  • Texts can be confusing. Have a proper talk face to face when you can. But all in all, I'd say there are good chances that he wants a relationship with you.


What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds more like this is going to turn into a friends with benefits situation than an actual relationship, and he's just safe guarding himself for later when you inevitably fall for him.

  • To me it seems like you guys are now going to start an exclusive relationship. Cause he said that you guys can see how it goes and you said how you would want to do to that and he is fine with that.

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