Should I go with this guy?

I met a guy yesterday at work he randomly came up to me at my job asked me a question and in the course of talking to him I gave him my number after he asked now he wants me to come over to his house he's vacationing here and then me and him will go to this gaming bar place and have fun and go back to his place and I'll go home I'm usually the girl that doesn't even give her number out Little longer with the guy should I do this I really kind of want to but I'm not sure if I should.


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  • Everybody should get laid sometimes


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  • It sounds like you're interested, so why not go? See what happens between you two. If you have fun, then great! If not, you don't have to hang out with him again.


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  • go for it give him a shot

    • Thank you!
      But I don't think I can accurately describe the feelings I have it's like a lot of nervous and excitement.. good or bad?
      As I said I'm one who usually don't even give my number out. I'm a "good" girl and stuff and not willing to have another kid until marriage hahaha

    • yes but give it a try and its ok to be excited and nervous

  • Are you sloot?


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