Girls, Which best describes me just knowing these 4 stats and no more and viewing my profile picture: 5'4" and 138 lbs, bearded and cries when hurt?

In terms of wanting to potentially date me or not. This is what I am really asking about. But it doesn't exclusively have to be dating/marriage. If 1 of these 7 are not remotely close, then add a caption that you'd think of it by just seeing me and knowing those 4 details.

  • Heck Yeah, that's a man I want to date/marry and make lots of babies with! PERFECT!
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  • The size is okay but you must be clean shaven if you want me to date you
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  • Not interested in dating but I'll be your friend as long as you play nice
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  • WOW! Those are some cool extremely long fingernails. I love mysterious men but must know more until I consider dating you
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  • Not only wouldn't I date you but I won't even become your friend
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  • I find men that cry over almost any hurt as effeminate and not real men regardless if I like other qualities about him and is a deal breaker
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  • You're too strange for me. I want normalized men
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  • You're a bit on the skinny side for my tastes, the other 3 stats are fine. I'm not that big a fan of the long nails and long beard but otherwise you look pretty good. Would I date you? Most likely no. Would I be your friend? As long as we get along


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  • you need to find a shorter girl

    • @NatashaJ
      Why a shorter girl?

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    • It pretty simple girls taller than you or the same height wouldn't want to date you. Most want a taller guy, just how it is.

    • @NatashaJ
      It isn't just how it is. They choose it to be that way. Just like every woman can choose to only date or marry men that's shorter than her. It still doesn't answer what makes women so special that she has to be shorter than the man?

      I don't understand why you tell me I must/need to find a woman shorter. A woman can be short and still be taller than a man. Why didn't you tell me I need to find a taller woman? Women aren't so special that she gets to be shorter than men.

  • Ewwww don't be inviting me and cut your nails they look gross af

  • How long did it take for your nails to grow so long? 😱

    • @CheyenneBae
      Just 10 and a half months. Suddenly interesting and intrigued? You love them, eh? lol. When I get to level 2, I'll show you more pictures of them.

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    • @CheyenneBae
      Yes, you're welcome. I hope you get them to a length you want them.

    • Thanks, cya ✌