Girls, Which best describes me just knowing these 4 stats and no more and viewing my profile picture: 5'4" and 138 lbs, bearded and cries when hurt?

In terms of wanting to potentially date me or not. This is what I am really asking about. But it doesn't exclusively have to be dating/marriage. If 1 of these 7 are not remotely close, then add a caption that you'd think of it by just seeing me and knowing those 4 details.
  • Heck Yeah, that's a man I want to date/marry and make lots of babies with! PERFECT!
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  • The size is okay but you must be clean shaven if you want me to date you
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  • Not interested in dating but I'll be your friend as long as you play nice
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  • WOW! Those are some cool extremely long fingernails. I love mysterious men but must know more until I consider dating you
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  • Not only wouldn't I date you but I won't even become your friend
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  • I find men that cry over almost any hurt as effeminate and not real men regardless if I like other qualities about him and is a deal breaker
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  • You're too strange for me. I want normalized men
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  • You're a bit on the skinny side for my tastes, the other 3 stats are fine. I'm not that big a fan of the long nails and long beard but otherwise you look pretty good. Would I date you? Most likely no. Would I be your friend? As long as we get along


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