Girls, Why the friend zone?

When a guy first meets girl why is it so important to make your​ intentions know that your either looking for sex, relationship, or friends. Not all guys just want one thing. Personally I rather meet someone with no intentions. Then decide rather I just want a hook up, relationship, friend or don't like them at all. I rather find out who they are first but doing this it seems to put me in the friend zone with no escape in site lol...


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  • And your mentality makes sense... I think some girls are just so used to being used/burned by guys who they thought wanted something, that they've developed a more diplomatic way of handling things: straight to the point, are we gonna fuck or not? Kind of like a security question: do I invest real emotions or not?

    • I get that but honestly we're talking about guys we always wanna fuck lol. Friends or potential girlfriend you though a flirt out there and it's on and popin lol

    • I think the main reason I would announce my intentions would be so that I don't lead the guy on? Trying to set appropriate boundaries. Like if I just want to be friends, he has no reason to try and get into my pants.

      Or if I like him, then he has the freedom to explore. I don't know how to explain it. I've never really thought about it. I usually only do that if I'm friend zoning someone or looking for sex, haha.

  • I guess if I 'friend zone' someone, it's just because I don't have any romantic interest in them (though it's also obviously because I'm in a relationship, but I mean before that, I guess :P ). I have always preferred the idea of a relationship formed from a long friendship, as happened with my partner and I, so yeah, I like the idea of going into something without any intentions.


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