Do you think having too many common interests with someone can be a bad thing?

For the longest time, I used to make it a priority or find it ideal for a woman to be into the same music as me as well as other interests, but mostly music so that way I'd have a woman to go to a concert with.

Last year I finally met a girl who was into the same music as me, horror, and was like me in many ways. Others told me that she was my dream girl, a keeper, etc and when we first started dating I was relieved to find a girl who was gorgeous and then it ended up being a disaster as she was on the rebound, which i found late, then I found out she was playing me and sleeping around WHILE I slept with her then she ended up tossing me out like garbage.

I'm not saying us having any similar tastes in music causes that or it's a red flag, but there were a few bands, and movies I didn't wanna think about anymore because they reminded me of her. Worse enough, she goes to a lot of the same shows I do so seeing her only makes it awkward.

If it's a girl who isn't into a lot of the same bands as me or doesn't live too close then I don't gotta worry about running into her. But after experiencing this, it made me realize that sometimes people with the most in common aren't always the best as she consistently acted hot and cold.

You ever dated someone who had a ton in common with you only for it to end up being a disaster?


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  • Omg, me and my honey have the SAME interests... same movies, same movie categories, same dreams, same sports, same ice cream, same colour, same food, same beverage, same everything... But if u like the girl, no, it won't be a disaster

    • I liked her and it was still a disaster. Like I said, she just got out of a relationship and would act very hot and cold. Then I found out her true colors. I take accountability for my actions but she'd contact me but when I'd ask her to hang out she'd never commit, make excuses, then flake.

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    • stay friends

    • nothing more

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  • I would want to be with someone who shares my interests. I have tried to like or be into the opposite attraction thing but it did not work out for me. I feel at "home" when I am with someone similar yet still inspiring. When you find that someone, you feel you have extra strength now. The bond feels stronger somehow.

    Last answer to your question, no it did not.

  • Well in your case its bad because you have to see each other a lot because of your many common interests. You made common interests too important. So what if you see her everywhere you go ex at concerts..
    Just ignore her and move on with your life , she will realise what big mistake by leaving you she has made.


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