Will this be an issue when it comes a guys attraction towards you and vice versa?

The scenario: You like or are attracted to a guy whose best friend is your cousin and when I say best friend I meant friends like forever, they know each other since high school and they are both in their mid 40 s and still are friends, they hang out together, travel together, surf together whenever they can do it together., they are super buddies. This cousin is separated with 2 kids, no dating anyone at the moment, he is practically a single father now, his friend is single, no dating, no seeing a girl no kids. This cousin sister also know the guy of course for the years her brother knows the guy, so pretty much he is like part of the family.. This guy only knows other of your family, like your bother, some other cousins.

So the thing is that you are attracted to your cousin friend but you can sense just a little bit this guy is attracted to you too only he does not tell. To make it shorter, you were told some time ago that this guy is not worth to have it as a date much less as a boyfriend in the long run, cause he is a guy who likes play hard to get and he is a bit cocky, his personality is a bit strange.

Now will you pay attention to what you have heard about him and not continue to get to know the guy better for yourself or you dont care what you have heard about the guy from closest sources and you better find out for yourself and make your own decision when you get toi know him better or you simply won't get to know the guy and listen to what the closest source says so you back off which in this case it means you got influenced by what other people say not by what you find out on your own.

I mean I dont know the guy as much as the others but that is the reason why you get to know the a person better right? For what I know about him he seems like easy going, he is funny, makes a jokes very often, he is a flirt, he is not a marrying type of guy, well me neither anyway.

I dont know if he likes me but sometimes he does things that make me wonder that he is attracted to me but I can't tell though , but so far we are friends and we get along well.
but If I want to get to know him I will have to see him more and see if things will work out or not, that is how things work right between a man and a woman? Also this guy and I are in similar ages, we have similar tastes in some things, we both are single, no kids no married.


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  • Personally I find cocky and over confident types unbearable and so I won't date or get into a relationship with any.

    However, that won't stop me from getting to know him on a friendship level. We may even be classmates or gym buddies.

    With regards to whether you trust he say/ she say. I would say to find out on your own. Take everything everyone says with a grain of salt. Some people lie out of jealousy and bad mindedness. I've had it happened to me and seen it happened to others. Try to find out any little piece of info as you can: this may include talking directly to him as well as bros, sisters , but observation is your best bet.

    • I say about him because my cousins knows this guy pretty well and of course they know him way more than me and if I herad that guy is like taht from them is maybe it is true?

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    • Now, if the guy is the one making the move I won't be complaining hehe

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