What should I do to get rid of loneliness?

Hello, I would appreciate that you read the situation till the end.

Lets start with some cliché stuffs that I've never had a girlfriend, and eventually never kissed a girl at the age of 24. I went on two dates, and those ended on the first date.

I horribly feel lonely lately, and want to meet women. I didn't grab the opportunity to get to know women in college and now that I graduated I do not know where I should look to find women.

I think that I've made some female acquaintances but that ends up here, since I've been silly enough to not take their phone numbers in order to keep in touch.

So right know, I am looking for a girl. I want to experience what it is like to have a girlfriend and also to have more bounds with the female gender.

Looking forward to your advices,

Thank you.
Kindly provide as much feedbacks as possible, thank you for your cooperation :)


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  • Its not really my place to tell you where to meet women but the wrong places are bars and night clubs unless you want a one night thing. All I can say is to get involved in many activities and luckily, you will bump into someone. :D

    • Thank you for your reply. I know that women in bars and nightclubs are not exactly the right place to meet decent women, however I have no idea where else should I look.

  • I feel that way too. I can't find anyone compatible to me. I have bad self-esteem, and I am too socially awkward... Do you have any of those traits? Being lonely can result in socially awkwardness , unfortunately :/ This probably makes you a bit desperate, that also pushes people away :(

    • I don't think I am socially awkward, since I'm well surrounded by guys. However when it comes to ladies, I have no one around. As for looking desperate, I can't answer such question because I have no idea what the ladies are thinking about me 😝

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    • I sound miserable... xD

    • Well the problem here is that i don't really know where are the women :P I don't think to be desperate or anything else, I just didn't have the chance to meet a lot of women after college and that sucks somehow.

      Surely, we all find someone at last. Wish you luck too ;)

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