Girls, should I just avoid sex and dating?

honestly i have had doubts put into my mind for years. i have been lead to believe that as a white man i lack labido and virility or that i can't measure up. i have also heard of women cheating for months on end without anyone figuring out. i know men cheat a lot as well but it seems women are simply better at hiding it. on top of that i have also been told that most women prefer black men over white men. these are just things i have heard but it has left in impact on my confidence. the way i see it why should i be with someone when im clearly considered the bottom of the barrel :(


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  • I wouldn't actively avoid it.
    You probably should go to counseling if your self esteem is that low

    Those things you heard are just stereotypes.

    • i know there just suppose to be stereotypes but it seems a lot of people do believe them. besides its like they say all stereotypes hold some sort of truth :(

    • lol as a white female with tons of white friends I can tell you the opposite is true

    • the opposite of what? i named quite a few.

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