Scared of Fentanyl?

I'm scared of this fentanyl stuff that's killing a lot of people...

Will I die? What is it in? What if someone puts it into my food? Is it only in drugs? Which drugs?

I don't do any drugs so am I safe?


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  • fentanyl is bad when taken in high doses, also yes, you are safe from THAT. What you should be scared of is flouride and chlorine in your drinking water and food. Fluoride is a pathogen that calcifies and erodes almost anything it comes into contact with. It can cause depression flourisis of organs, brain damage, tooth decay and flourisis of the bone and abnormal bone growth

    • So fentanyl is a drug? or it's put into other drugs?

      A lot of people are dying from it.

    • fentanyl is mixed in with other drugs to make it stronger. unless you take drugs, you are fine.

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  • You do realize there's 100's of drugs with the same potency or would get you high AF. that could be put in food right? I'd just suggest take it easy and if you are suspicious just dont eat the food.

    • People are dying from fentanyl

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    • I don't know much about it

    • Its an opioid and its can react badly with alcohol.

      If you dont drink alcohol the worst it would do is probably get you a severe high.

      As it would take like a full on half pound in one dose to kill someone.

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