Someone help? I don't get him? I know he IS interested & wants to bang, but he won't take the first big initiative even when I try to flirt?

There's this dude. He's attracted to me and is definitely open to hooking up. I know through the grapevine he thinks I'm hot. So I've tried flirting with him (complementing his looks, approaching him in class, etc) but he won't take initiative to ask me out. We're friends on Facebook. He could easily. He must know I'm into him because I've been very obvious. And like I said, he is attracted to me. I'm a pretty hot young chick, usually when I go out I have guys flock to me. He is kinda nerdy, but he is hot too. Unless he doesn't know he is, I don't know. Do I wait and keep playing with him until he asks me out because if he truly wanted to he would? Or is he too shy? What should I do? Do I ask him straight up out?

Were both 22.


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  • Well it sounds like your only interested in sex and he might be picking up on that.

    • I haven't given him any indicator of that. I haven't really done much

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  • Just ask him out if you really want to, but if you just want sex then maybe he should be made aware of that too.

  • Are you only interested in banging and not dating?

    • Well yeah because we're gonna be graduating in a couple months and we'll be living in different states...

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    • I think we are too (: I'm hesitant because I also see him in person a couple times per week. I don't want to make things weird. We don't live in a great fun place. I doubt we'll be going to a bar if we go out... I don't know how to even initiate a conversation to go out though?

    • hey I think there seems to be a problem with the app. can't read your whole comment. I can read till I don't know we are going to the bar and the show more icon ain't working, so I am jumping the gun. so do apologize if I am wrong.

      well you yourself said that you both will head out to different states. So if you want to have sex then I don't think so you should be too worried. But yes if it makes you feel bad in the end and makes things weird then the best thing is that you go out with him as a friend. one last time before you both head out to different places.

  • He wants/needs sex... now!


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